Dienstag, 23. April 2013

While They Sleep

I'm so tired of hearing sorry, so fed up with all your lies.
Your foundation is crumbling, and I see through, through your eyes.
In the midst of it all, I find out all was a lie. 
No more of your words, 
I take mine all back. 

And as we part ways, I find it so reliving to finally be free of someone who's worthless.
This life is a living hell.
At least yours will be. 
The house goes up in flames, you will burn.
No one hears their screams. 

On the night when the flames set me free, your bodies will be burnt in their sleep.
The match ignites; tonight the flames set me free.
I have found a release in how I planned this out.
Tonight the flames set me free. 
Your foundation is crumbling, and I see through - through your lies.
Now I take my time to make sure that the gasoline's spread around. 
It's so easy to watch you burn, all of your skin melted off.
It's so easy now that you're gone, no more burdens to hold me back from this. 
Burn tonight, no one is left alive.
Suffokate - While They Sleep

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