Samstag, 24. Mai 2014

Hppy Sura is happy :D

Yeah, Guys, I am happy :)
 "Why are you happy?"
That's a good question. Let me answer it for you ;)

I have a new girlfriend! :3 It took long to find someone and now there she is!
She lives not too far away from me(just, like an hour or so. Maybe a bit more) and she's the cutest compared to my previous girlfriends.
She is also the second who makes me happy. You all know, who was the other one. I don't want to talk about my Ex now haha :D

Let's talk a bit more about my new girlfriend. 
Her name is Nadine, she's 17 and she is a goth, like me. hehe
(I'll tell you another time what's up with my mind about scene changes and all that stuff. But that's not important right now)
She actually "found" me. She messaged me on a portal for single all across the black scene. I was astonished that such a cute girl would even bother to click on my profile. It was a really nice and friendly message, so I replied(obviously). 
We chatted and last saturday, we went to a movie and I realized that it's wonderful to be in company with someone who shares mostly of your own thoughts. 
Yesterday, we went to a village fair in Mannheim. Nadine went to the Main train station to pick me up. She welcomed me with a kiss. It surprised me but I love it when I get positively surprised or "conquered" by someone. It was a wonderful day. We are now also officially a couple and this makes me even more happy.
This will be a long relationship. I've got the feeling, she's "the right one" that I sought for so long.

You see? 
I love my life, even though it's also hard. But you need to pull through and push yourself. 
I cherish my life now even more. I've got something to live for!

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