Sonntag, 6. Juli 2014

Band Support Mannheim

Music is my passion. 
Concerts give me the best feeling I could possibly get. 
But just going to concerts does not fully support the bands. That's the reason why a very close friend of mine, me and now my girlfriend, too are part of the so called "Band Support Mannheim"

What do we do?
We take local bands(mostly Hardcore and Metal) into our support program, promote them and get them gigs. We visit those gigs, take pictures and report about these events. We also do interviews in certain cases. 

Does it benefit us?
Yes. We get lowered prices on tickets(rarely free entry), in some cases we get VIP status(backstage entry and stuff like that). We also get to know the bands closer and maybe become friends with them.

Can YOU support US?
Yes, you can. Just via a single click.
Just beat up that Like-Button on our Facebook-Page and YOU are supporting aspring bands.

Here's the link to our page:
Hit me hard :*

So please do us this favour and hit that like button right in the face and help us helping bands.

Thank you

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