Donnerstag, 22. Mai 2014

Thinking about something

Who doesen't know I am playing League of Legends?
Well, I made a post about it. Haha
As I was playing with some friends I had an idea.
The idea of making a ranked team. Not to reach the top of the league but to have fun with unconventional pics(like Solwolf's "Breaking The Meta") or even troll games. We just wanna have a good time while playing.
I immediately had a name for this team:

"The Flying Feeders"

My friends were amazed by this name and so we claimed it as our team name.
At first we wanna play for fun but maybe later on we play for elo. And I have the dream that one day I'll be playing LCS(League of Legends Championship Series) with my team.
But first I need 3 or more people to help us out.

Criterias to be part of us:
-be summoner level 30(or at least 28)
-speak german
-don't play for high ranks. We all need more practice to become a good team.
-don't be afraid to talk on skype with us. We are a goofy troop of people.
-It's very good if you main a lane, so we can put you perfectly in your role(no worries, you can main every role, but some of us do, too. I am maining jungle and top and play a bit of mid)

You can "apply" by sending me an E-Mail or contact me in LoL

LoL: xXTodesEngelXx2(<- I wanna change it to "Sura"or "ChaoX")

I would be happy if some people would contact me in any of those ways.
Let's just have a bit of fun :)

See ya :)

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